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AQUARE_X the clarifier tank


Overview: water treatment  system for cementitious water

  • concrete reclaimer
  • concrete recycling
  • equipment of washing out residual concrete
  • filter press
  • recycling of leftover concrete
  • dosing buffer
  • concrete recovery
  • Waste water recycling
  • Fahrmischerreinigung
  • Filterpresse
  • Mischerreinigung
  • Restbetonauswaschmaschinen
  • Unité de recyclage de béton frais



In the water treatment tank AQUARE_X excess grey water is clarified. Excess grey water is created when due to the amount of grey water and / or colour pigments a complete reuse of the grey water in the production process is impossible. Grey water is pumped, if required under the addition of polymers, into the central pipe of the water clarifying tank AQUARE_X. The fines settle in the cone of the tank and are extracted via a system of valves. The maxi discharger assists in extracting the slurry. The slurry can either be dosed into the batching plant or dewatered in the filter press RE_XPRESS. Clarified green water overflows under the roof of the tank and can be buffered in an extra tank. This enables a distribution of pressurized green water throughout the factory via a centrifugal pump followed by a pressure vessel.