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concrete reclaiming







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concrete recycling, equipment of washing out residual concrete, filter press, leftover concrete, mixer, mixer cleaning

Welcome to our website !

We specialize in the design and construction of custom made, turnkey recycling plants for the concrete industry. The most important system components are: Waste green concrete reclaimers, water clarifying silos, filter presses and neutralization systems with individually for the customer adapted control units and additional equipments.

Basics - Please enlarge this thumb to get an overview of what we do. The guaranteed future of your investment is based on the modular design of our installations. These may be anytime easily extended to your newest requirements.

concrete pumps washdown..readymix recycler, recycling of leftover concrete, readymix recycling, ready-mix reclaimer, residual concrete, readymix reclaim Restbetonresidual concrete washing plants

Fairs - Thank you for your visit at the bauma 2016.


bauma 2016 uncured concrete recyclingRestbeton Recycling bauma 2016

Fairs - Thank you for your visit at the INTERMAT PARIS 2015.

Intermat Paris 2015 Recyclage du béton

Restbeton Recycling Intermat Paris

Media - Official inauguration of the new machines at CERIB - Centre d'Études et de Recherches de l'Industrie du Béton.

CERIB -de nouveaux équipements au service de l’innovation et de l’expertise du béton

bauma 2013 ecofrog restbeton recycling


Dossier CERIB

Fairs - Thank you for your visit at the bauma 2013.

bauma 2013 ecofrog left over concrete recycling


bauma 2013 ecofrog concrete recycling

Fairs - Thank you for your visit at the INTERMAT PARIS 2012.

intermat 2012 ecofrog ready mix recycling

INTERMAT ecofrog Rest-Beton Recycling

Media - ecofrog on the "moon" - with Google AdWords!

 mobile unit for recycling of leftover concrete Restbetonecofrog google adwords

Fairs - Thank you for your visit at the bauma 2010.


bauma 2010 ecofrog ready mix recyclingecofrog auf der bauma 2010

Media - Article of CPI – Concrete Plant International – 4 | 2009
Trends in the recycling of residual concrete
The effects of the financial crisis are now also being felt by the building industry. Following only a slight downturn in building industry value creation in the fourth quarter of 2008, a further downturn looks likely in 2009. However, the concrete industry in particular is well positioned. The homework has been done over the last ten years: surplus capacities have been reduced ....

slurry water, truck wash, vibrating chute, washing plant, waste water, water conditioning


Machinery - Waste concrete reclaimers for the next generation
Compact and at reasonable prices, best suited for small standalone solutions, recommended as recycling unit for treating the wash down from small concrete mixers. or as an additional small unit for a large recycling plant at the washing place for the bullet skip, or the sawing/polishing station. For further details please contact us per email.

agitator, concrete, concrete mixer, concrete mixing plants, concrete ready mix recycling, concrete processing plants

Media - Article of CPI – Concrete Plant International – 1 | 2009
Manufacturing precast walls made of exposed aggregate concrete in an environmentally-friendly way
Throughout Europe, approximately 3% of the amount of concrete manufactured each year in ready-mix plants and approximately 1% in precast production facilities is not processed. This residual mass of concrete finds its origins in various sources like, for example, the residue after cleaning mixers and other transport or processing machines, left-overs from processing plus unused concrete. The costs for dumping residual concrete are high. In the light of limited absorption capacities, prices are continually increasing ....

concrete pump, concrete reclaimer, concrete reclaiming, concrete recovery, concrete recycler, concrete recycling

Fairs - To view our presentation during SMOPYC 2008 please click the adjacent icon. The clip is courtesy of CPI-TV-Show.

ecofrog SMOPYC concrete recycling presentation

Installations - The construction sites for the Olympic Park in London are using environmental friendly produced concrete – made possible by using amongst others the ecofrog® technology.
Please click on the image to enlarge it. For the original photo (12,4 MB) please click here. Following another photo and its original (4,3 MB).

equipment of washing out residual concrete, filter press, leftover concrete, mixer, mixer cleaning

mixing plants, mortar, pump, purification of water, residual concrete, residual concrete washing plants