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RE_XPRESS the chamber filter press


Overview: dehydration  system for cement slurry

  • Waste water recycling
  • concrete recovery
  • dosing buffer
  • recycling of leftover concrete
  • filter press
  • equipment of washing out residual concrete
  • concrete recycling
  • concrete reclaimer
  • recyklace betonu
  • Gjenvinning av betongslam
  • Resirkulering av ferdigbetong
  • Vattenklarningssystem
  • Recirkulering av fabriksbetong
  • Recirkulering betong
  • Genanvendelse af betonslam
  • traitement des retours de béton frais



The filter press RE_XPRESS dewaters cementious slurry. A filter cake with high solids content is produced, making the handling of slurry easier, and reducing the disposal costs. A high pressure pump squeezes slurry into the filter chambers formed in between the filter plates. Water passes through the filter cloth and is returned into the grey water basin. After pressing is the central filling system is cleaned and the filter cakes are discharged. The filter press is operated hydrau-lically. Filter presses can also be used to extract fines from grey water. In this way ready mix plants can reduce the density in their grey water basin.