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NRE_X in-line neutralization


Overview: neutralization  system for cement waste water

  • concrete recovery
  • Waste water recycling
  • dosing buffer
  • recycling of leftover concrete
  • concrete recycling
  • Recirkulering av fabriksbetong
  • Genanvendelse af betonslam
  • reciclaje de agua residual
  • Resirkulering av ferdigbetong
  • recyklace betonu
  • Restbetonauswaschmaschinen
  • Filterpresse
  • Neutralisation
  • CO2 Neutralisation



NRE_X - Inline pipe neutralization with CO2 for treatment of alkaline water residues – an environmentally friendly, save and cost effective procedure – In the concrete industry alkaline waste waters are produced. In the EU these waters have to be neutralized before they can be disposed of into the public sewer system. A pH deduction of these process waters has positive effects on the plant components and improves the reusability of the process waters. Via dosing jets mounted in a special two phase nozzle CO2 gas is sprayed into the flooded pipeline. In this way a fine dispersed distribution of CO2 is achieved. Controlled by a flow meter and dosing valve the dosing rate of CO2 is monitored and controlled. In the pipeline the dissolved CO2 reacts with water to carbonic acid and neutralization starts. Benefits of this technology are:
- No overdosing
- No handling of hazardous, aggressive acids as chloridic - or sulphuric acid.
- No problems with corrosion
- No increase of the saline content in the waste water
- Low requirement in space and staff.
ecofrog® designs and delivers neutralization plants with capacities up to 20 kg CO2 per hour.