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RE_X waste concrete reclaimer

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Based on the principle of flotation the machine separates waste green concrete into grey water (water charged with fines < 0,25 mm and cement) and washed out aggregates. The aggregates are discharged via an ascending dewatering vibration chute equipped with a dewatering screen. The RE_X series is available in wash out capacities of: 2, 4, 13, 16 and 26m³/h.
All models can be equipped with a feeding wheel for scooping solids and water from under floor level into the washing chamber of the reclaimer.

AQUARE_X water clarifying

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Silo with conic bottom to clarify water charged with fines. The fines settle as slurry in the cone whereas the clarified water (green water) overflows under the roof of the silo. A slow rotating stirrer helps discharging the slurry in the cone. Depending on the site conditions, polymers might be necessary to accelerate the settling of the fines. Suitable dosing units are also available from us.

RE_XPRESS filter press

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Hydraulically operated filter press system for the dewatering of slurry. After hydraulically closing the filter plates, slurry is fed with a high pressure pump into the filtration chambers that formed between the filter plates. Filtrate water is pressed out and filter cakes remain in the filtration chamber. As soon as the cakes are ready the press opens and the cakes are discharged into a suitable collecting skip.

NRE_X neutralization systems

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Neutralization (inline or in tanks) with CO2 for treatment of alkaline water residues – an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective procedure.


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Apart from the above described main unit auxiliaries such as pumps, agitators, dosing units for polymers and most important control units are required. Due to the custom made character of our plants each control unit is uniquely assembled and programmed by our specialists for each individual recycling plant.

Fahrmischer, transit mixer
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